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Real people, real quotes:

Ms Ania M. I wanted some nice shots of the kids to give as a present... it was a challenge, 2 grown up kids, 2 smaller kids, one of whom is disabled & cannot take direction & 2 crazy dogs. Alastair did an amazing job. Not only did he completely understand what I wanted, but adapted to suit our needs, came up with some brilliant ideas, was fun to be around & produced a huge quantity of amazing shots at a very reasonable price. The main problem was choosing which to use, as there were so many! I would highly recommend to anyone needing any photos done!

Remy Maisel: It was a pleasure to work with Alastair to have some professional photos taken. I’ve just signed a book contract with an indie publisher and wanted up-to-date headshots, and I knew from seeing his work on Instagram that he is both local and talented. He put me at ease and managed to produce a huge range of great options at exceptionally good value. He also returned my selection, edited, within a day - which I was amazed by. It’ll be a pleasure to use any of these as my author photos and across my professional and social media platforms as I now have a selection of photos I like!

Deb Spanton: Alastair is a gifted and creative photographer. I told him I wanted some fun shots and that I would be a challenge as I am not comfortable having my picture taken. He put me at my ease, came up with great locations and creative ideas and the shoot was fun from start to finish. The shots are excellent, fun and true to me. I would highly recommend him and look forward to doing a headshot session next!

Ms Dorota Z. Alastair is a proper professional, super approachable and helpful. I'm very very happy with his work, the photos are of the exceptional quality.
If you need some pictures taken, whatever the occasion, Alastair is the one to talk to.

Ugo Arinzeh: I’ve worked with Alastair repeatedly and love his work. He has captured me and my work in a way that’s authentic and real. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

Ms Helle K. Alastair is talented, has a surprisingly calming effect on those (like me) who do not like to have their picture taken, and took a string of fantastic pictures of me in what was a very enjoyable and relaxed session. The photo we chose is - as the Danish Carlsberg ads would say - probably the best picture of me ever taken (apart from cute babyshots of course). Totally totally recommend this man and his cameras!

Ms Angela H. I absolutely loved working with Alastair! He came down to the boxing gym that I train at to get some shots of me at work. He made me feel completely at ease and we had a lot of fun doing our shoot. He was so professional in his ideas etc and also let me have my input and welcomed it:) I've never had my photos back so quickly (some the same day) fully edited and ready. Everyone has been so impressed with them that their getting booked in:) I can't wait to get my studio session for headshots underway

Ms Jeannie S. Alastair takes great photos! Alastair just seems to be able to capture the essence of people and events in his pictures. His headshots are about the best I've seen - professional yet natural. His event work is also fantastic (whatever the scene or the weather). I have had the pleasure of working with him with a number of my clients (via my marketing business) and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Ms Lorna K. Alastair is an accomplished Photographer who takes some amazing shots of both landscapes and people. Highly recommended for headshots/ special events and corporate work.

Mr Steven M. Alastair took some fabulous photos of my family. He quickly put everyone at their ease, which meant for relaxed , natural shots. His inherent creative flair ensures that the results are so much more special than your standard 'on-white-background' shots.

Mr Alan M. Alastair is a superb photographer. He kindly provided me with images of Strand on the Green which now adorn the Strand on the Green Association website. He's also a nice guy too!

Mrs Natalie T. Alastair is a warm and friendly person. He makes you feel at ease, even if, like me, you don't like having your photo taken. He is very professional and listens to what your requirements happen to be. My daughter needed some professional headshots taken for a brochure and award she was getting. He made her feel very comfortable while the session was going on, and needless to say, out of all the photos of the other candidates, hers was definitely the most professional looking! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Alastair for any kind of photography requirement you desire.

Hugo Headlam: I couldn't be happier with Alastair's work. He immediately put me at my ease, and the whole shoot was a real pleasure. He guided me intelligently through various shots (to update my portfolio) and produced a contact sheet the next day, the finished images a few days after I had made a selection. With so many good shots, it was difficult to choose just eight!

Sheila Doyle: Delighted with my headshots. Alastair was brilliant, he helped me to relax and made me laugh which really helped to create natural photos. I normally avoid having my photo taken, my experience with Alastair was brilliant. Definitely worth the investment. I have brilliant photos that I can use for corporate and other events. Thank you.

RAF Red Arrows "Great photo Alastair"

Russell Walker "Lovely Composition. What a great shot!"

Valerie Masters "I love this photo"

Pam Marchant "Oh wow! That's impressive."

Nick B "Amazing, just amazing timing! What a shot"

Rebecca Hardie "This picture captures it superbly"

Andy Jacklin "Sums up British life in one capture. Excellent!"

Rowena Vaughan "Great pictures Alastair"

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